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Global natural Rose Petal Powder for face pack (100 gram)

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Rose are one of the most beautifully scented flower in the world. Apart from their use in perfumery, these sweet-smelling flowers have therapeutic benefits and have been used in ancient skincare folk remedies. Using fresh roses in daily beauty routine will enhance skin’s health and keep you look young. Sometimes it may not be possible from some to get Fresh roses. in that case, Use rose petal powder in various skin care routine steps like these will help to achieve soft and sooth skin at the comfort of your home.



global natural Rose Petal Powder for face pack (100 gram) Rose petal powder moisturizes your skin, and is good for sensitive skin. It is an excellent skin cleanser. It is natural blessing derived from plant no side effects on any skin types even skin with acne issues can be applied on skin types.


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